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When you need a sump pump, basin, or alarm to keep your home dry and protected, Real Dry Waterproofing can provide full-service solutions. We offer high-quality, reliable products that you can count on to protect your basement and keep water out. Flooding or water system failures don't have to end in disaster for your home and possessions. A local Real Dry waterproofing expert can develop a custom solution for you throughout Massachusetts, western Massachusetts, Boston, the South Shore, Cape Cod, northern Connecticut, Rhode Island, and southern New Hampshire.
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Sump pumps are the devices that actually move the water out of your basement. A sump pump is generally the only mechanical feature in a drainage system. You need reliability and a guarantee that the sump pump you purchase is going to handle the capacity of water discharge required by your drainage system. This is why Real Dry has been using Zoeller pumps for so many years. Our confidence in these pumps – as well as the quality and reliability of the basins and alarms that we install – guarantees us a satisfied customer who doesn’t have to worry about the ability of the pump to keep water out of their basement.
900 series basin and Zoeller M98 Pump
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Real Dry Sump Pumps by Zoeller

The durable, cast iron construction of Zoeller pumps ensures a smooth system of water discharge with the ability to withstand the rigors of constant cycling. They are coated with a corrosion-resistant epoxy finish and the switch that triggers the mechanics of the pump is encased in a cast iron enclosure. Stainless steel fastener construction throughout the unit ensures a lifetime of watertight operation. These pumps, when installed in your home by Real Dry, are guaranteed for life on the parts and one year on labor.*
Zoeller M53 Pump
PUMP TYPE:   M53 Standard Residential Sump

FLOW RATE:   2520 GPH (gallons per hour)


MOTOR RATING:   1/3 Horsepower

VOLTAGE:   115 Volt
Zoeller M98 Pump
PUMP TYPE:   M98 Standard Residential Sump

FLOW RATE:   4320 GPH (gallons per hour)


MOTOR RATING:   1/2 Horsepower

VOLTAGE:   115 Volt
Zoeller High-Head Pump 161
PUMP TYPE:   M161 High-Head, High-Capacity Sump

FLOW RATE:   4820 GPH (gallons per hour)


MOTOR RATING:   1/2 or 3/4 Horsepower

VOLTAGE:   115 or 240 Volt
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Basins & Alarms

Real Dry recommends and uses only the highest-quality components in determining the best fit for our customers' waterproofing needs. We've tested these basins, switches, and alarms in rigorous and challenging installations, and they've proven to be among the most reliable products we've ever used.

Sump Pump Basins

The sump pump pit (or basin as they are sometimes called) is where your sump pump will be housed. Real Dry offers traditional basins that perform exactly as required – or we can adapt sealed basins if your home has evidence of radon gas infiltration. Let us know what concerns you may have and we'll develop the correct solution for your specific needs.
900 Series Basin
Electronic Sump Pump Switch

Pump Switch Protection

If you're not planning to incorporate a backup system, then you may want to consider the Electronic Pump Switch. Most sump pump failures can be attributed to failure of the actual switch mechanism. Unfortunately, you will never know when that switch fails. Usually, you find out too late – when your basement begins to take on water. Real Dry offers protection against that unexpected failure. Install an Electronic Sump Pump Switch. It eliminates the use of a mechanical switch, thus allowing your pump to simply rely on its internal motor. An electronic switch also warns you with an audible alarm when the motor on your pump is beginning to fail. Ask us about this easily-adaptable protection safeguard.

Water Alarms

Every Real Dry sump pump installation comes with a water alarm which will warn you of incoming water or system failure. This is not backup protection, but rather a chance to analyze the situation and take corrective action until the sump pump, power, or other typical failures can be rectified or solved.
Sonin Water Alarm
Contact Real Dry at 1-855-DRY-TODAY or us to talk to a local waterproofing expert and get peace of mind that your home is protected.

Serving MA, northern CT & RI, and southern NH.
Real Dry takes care when installing your sump pump basins and constructing your discharge so as not to affect the everyday use of your basement. Ask us about the methods we can use to conceal your discharge pipes so they are not visible. We can hide most of the plumbing and discharge piping if you desire so that any future plans for your basement are unaffected.
* Should a sump pump installed and maintained exclusively by Real Dry ever fail and require replacement under warranty, a service charge will apply.

Serving Massachusetts, northern Connecticut, Rhode Island & southern New Hampshire

The long-range forecast for all of New England is for a wet Fall season PLEASE Don’t WaitCall Us NOW!

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